We're back in Europe, in beautiful Ibiza. Just so we're clear though, I'm not a massive drinker so this blog post won't really be talking much about where is good to go out and get wrecked..this was a super chill trip, mainly spent sunbathing, eating and enjoying good company:) I stayed at Racó Ibiza located in San Rafael and it was absolutely stunning, I feel like even that is an understatement. It is an oasis set in a Mediterranean garden with a saltwater pool and fresh lemon and lime trees. This area is private during the week and shared on Sundays, everyone is welcome, families, children etc. Lots of people gather to have lunch, the restaurant serves local, seasonal, organic & delicious food. Laze by the pool and do nothing but live in the moment, it's impossible not to have a true realisation of gratitude when you're in this environment.

You can order a fresh squeezed cocktail or fruit juice from the Texas Bar and watch the sun set as you're lounging in a hammock..sounds perfect hey? Probably because it is! Then walk about eight steps back to your room which is clean, charming and quaint. I can not recommend this place enough, if you're thinking about going to Ibiza but are looking for something a lot more easy-going then this is your spot. It's close to the village of San Rafael so you can do all the exploring you want and the staff are super helpful with anything you need to know. No brainer really. Oh and also if you're vegan, or even if you're not and just like good food then the restaurant Wild Beets situated in the village of San Gertrudis is a must.

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