If you’re vegan (or not) and happen to be travelling to Berlin and love food as much as me then you should definitely check out a few of the places I'm about to mention:)

The first place I would recommend, specifically for breakfast, is Factory Girl. A lot of their menu is vegan and they are famous for their ‘Coco Anjéla’ which is basically a deconstructed cheesecake-honestly can’t believe it’s vegan! We tried the banana flavour, if you have a sweet tooth then you’re gonna want this.


If you're into donuts and bagels and of course good coffee then you need to hit up this spot:) 


Another amazing brekkie spot is Rose Garden, the decor is stunning with roses hanging from the ceiling, makes sense given the name! They do delicious coffee which ALWAYS rates highly for me, I think I’ve turned into a coffee snob-it finally happened. No complaints about that tho. They of course offer avocado on sourdough bread with a twist, there’s some hummus in there too. Seriously right up my street! And hopefully yours too.


Amazing coffee, that's all you need to know..


If you feel like getting fancy then head to Kopps for dinner, it is a fine dining vegan restaurant-very special experience. It’s expectedly a bit more pricey than your average place but nothing ridiculous, and you’re on holiday which means it’s worth it! You can have pavlova for dessert or a chocolate brownie to name a few, both presented beautifully- 5 star kinda vibe.

delabuu ice cream

Such a cool lil place with loads of different choices of that good good.

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