Are you bored of the same old, uneventful 9-5? If you’re anything like me you’ll be itching to escape the grey skies and rain (that’s Scotland for you). Don’t trip people, there is a place that will bring colour and euphoria back into your life. It is located in the Indian Ocean at the very western tip of the Lesser Sunda islands, this magical destination that I speak of is the tropical haven -Bali.

For me, Bali has an endless list of amazing things to fill your day, honestly there is something for everyone. Whether you’re in search of a spiritual connection or simply looking for some down time to do nothing but chill, surf and eat, this is your place. Or maybe you want to party, whatever it is, you’ll find it here.
Those people in the pursuit of enlightenment will not be disappointed with a stay in Ubud, which is considered by many to be Bali’s cultural heart. You must book into Trinity Gardens, it is a sanctuary of Balinese beauty surrounded by open rice fields..its as magical as it sounds. I stayed here for 3 nights and was truly in awe, mother nature has a way of doing that to you. I would highly recommend going for an early morning sunrise session at the Ubud Yoga House, the perfect place to gather your thoughts and genuinely feel present.

I cant talk about Bali without mentioning the food..seriously if you’re into a good feed then fix up and take notes, Canggu is where you need to be. Its a coastal village set between Kerobokan and Echo Beach and this lil stretch of land is filled with cool cafes and restaurants. I could go on and on naming different places but instead I’ll give you the low down on one place that you can’t pass up if you’re in Canggu. ‘Bottega Italiana’ is a boutique gourmet restaurant with thee best pastries, get the bomba with Nutella, it will complete you.


Somewhere you should definitely consider visiting is Tirta Empul Temple, it is a Hindu Balinese water temple near the town of Tampaksiring. The holy water here is used for purification, Tirta Empul meaning ‘holy water spring’. Its standard that in any Balinese temple you have to dress respectfully, if you rock up with shorts/swimwear, it’s all good as you’ll be provided with a sarong. If you’re in the mood to cleanse something deeper than just the body, pay a little extra and you can dive headfirst- I would recommend this for the people who are keen to really embrace the full experience.

Next stop is Pirates Bay on the Nusa Dua peninsula, initially the plan was to visit the restaurant off the back of a friends recommendation. However it just so happened we landed on one of Bali’s most beautiful beaches, winner. This place is a must, it’s design is more ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ than an Indonesian Tall Ship, but hey it works! Surrounded by bamboo tree houses, you can sip on a freshly blended pineapple juice whilst admiring the amazing view of the ocean. The trees are home to lots of squirrels who will eat straight from your hand, a seriously cute moment.

Next place to be is Monkey Forest in Ubud, if you love animals, in particular monkeys, then go here!! Be prepared to have them jump on you…a lot! Don’t take any food with you, buy the bananas and sweet potatoes that are on sale-probably best to leave your passport behind before you visit, they will legit take it from your bag and run. If you want them to come to you and say hello then a good tip is to hold a bottle of water with the cap off above your head, guaranteed they’ll climb you to get a drink:)

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